BME Rhein-Main-Region

We are happy to welcome you in Frankfurt!

How does the Flying Dinner work? All participants are assigned to a high table with 3–4 conversation partners. After each course there will be a rotation, i.e. in three speed rounds you will meet new contacts with whom you can talk for 15–20 minutes. In this way, you will get to know a large number of exciting women in one evening.



18:00–18:30 Get-Together and Open Networking
MEET THE CPO 18:30–19:00 Welcome & Keynote by Ellen Gärtner (CPO Lufthansa Group) and Dr. Helena Melnikov (CEO BME) BOOST YOUR NETWORK
19:15–21:00 Flying Dinner – Meet Your Female Peers
21:00–21:30 Closure: Diversity Network at Lufthansa Group by Pia Hochgerner (Senior Director Procurement Excellence)

Please register in writing by October 28th 2023, providing your contact details (name, company, position) to The number of participants is limited to female procurement leader with a minimum of 3 years of working experience. First come, first served. The event is free of charge thanks to the support of Lufthansa Group and BME e.V.